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Additional Web Hosting Service Order Form

Plan I : 10 GBs storage, $6.00 Monthly
Plan II : 25 GBs storage, $8.00 Monthly
Plan III : 50 GBs storage, $14.00 Monthly


Contact Information

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Domain Information

We can host all International and Internic registered domains. We will register any available .com, .org and .net domain for you as part of your service plan. You can also select a domain name such as yourname.route66.net or yourname.web66.com.
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Please select a login name. Every server must have a UNIQUE username associated with it, so please choose a username that is DIFFERENT from your present account. We will do our best to accomodate your username/password combination request.
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Billing and Account Information

Please enter the information below for your existing account. The new domain will be added to the billing record for the domain entered below. We also require your username for authentication purposes.
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Processing this form may take a few minutes due to the fact that a number of account robots must be activated. Please be patient. It is not necessary to re-submit your request once the server is contacted.

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